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Loft Conversion Benefits

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Loft Conversion Benefits

Adding a loft conversion to your home can improve your living areas, provide more privacy for guests or growing children, or even financial benefits.

  • keyboard_arrow_right Make the Most of Your Home - A loft conversion uses the space that you already have in your home and makes practical use of otherwise wasted space. Loft conversions can increase your floor space by up to 30%, and the awkward angles created by the roof can actually be used for storage.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Reduce Your Bills - A loft conversion is an excellent opportunity to upgrade your house further by improving your insulation. A huge proportion of your home’s heat loss is the result of poor roof insulation. Improving your loft space and increasing your insulation will decrease your heating bills and improve the comfort in your home.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Improve Your Home Life - Loft conversions and increased space and relieve a huge number of family tensions; no waiting for the bathroom, more privacy for growing children, and more space in the home can simply remove day to day squabbles and give everybody in the house the room that they need to relax and recharge.

Financial Benefits

Rising house prices, higher deposit requirements, and more household debt means that many people are reluctant to move or simply can’t do so. Loft conversions offer a fantastic way to add more space to your home without the need to find a new mortgage, relocate, or pay stamp duty.

Moving home, even for a small family, typically costs at least £10,000. Rather than paying simply to move from one place to another, you can invest in your current home and recoup the costs or even make a profit when you sell.

Loft conversions can have added financial benefits if you choose to create a self-contained flat in order to gain a passive rental income to help with household finances.