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Loft Conversion FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering investing in a loft conversion you will probably have many questions about the build process, planning and practicalities. Here we have provided answers to the most frequently asked questions we have been asked over the years.

Can my loft be converted?

Most lofts can, it depends on the existing head height. If you measure the distance between the very top point of the inside of the loft down to the top of the ceiling joists and this distance is 2.3m or greater then the answer is most probably yes.

Will I need planning permission?

The majority of loft conversions do not require planning, they can be carried out using your permitted development rights (P.D.) providing you haven’t already used your allowance. In a typical terraced house you can build up to 50m3 combined in the loft and extension.

Example: A typical dormer will use around 20m3 so if you have a large extension or conservatory of 25-30m3 this will leave around 20-25m3. This is plenty of room for a dormer.

Please note: All lofts require building regulations

Will plans need to be drawn up?

Yes plans will be required in order to conform to local authority building regulations and to have a working drawing to refer to. This ensures that all works are checked by structural engineers and authority inspectors. This is something Bournemouth Lofts will arrange on your behalf.

How long does a loft conversion take?

An average conversion will take in the region of 4-6 weeks depending on the size of your project. The expected time scale of your project will be confirmed to you before work starts on your project.

Will there be much disruption to our daily lives?

We always strive to keep disruption to a minimum; we enter the house via scaffolding on the roof and carry out 3/4 of the work this way only entering the house once the roof is back in the dry and covered to install the staircase.

Will a conversion add value to our home?

It has been proven a loft conversion will add value to your home, especially if it contains an extra bathroom.

Daily Mail 2017 article had an interesting tool to evaluate the possible financial gains of a loft conversion. 

Express 2017 quote “A loft conversion, which costs £23,700, will add 13 per cent value to your property – and work out as an average profit of £16,480. This would increase the price of the average home in the UK from £234,794 by £28,373.15.”

Why use Bournemouth Lofts?

We are the specialist loft division of our parent company Bournemouth Building Ltd. We have over 25 years combined building experience. We are a local, family owned business that is proud of our reputation for providing quality lofts and extensions at competitive prices. We have a directly employed team of qualified tradesmen and only use fully qualified sub-contractors.
If you have any further questions wish to arrange a survey or quotation, please do not hesitate and call Bournemouth Lofts today.